Monday, April 4, 2016

Hello, my name is burglekutt

Well not really but I would like to rant without having to bite my tongue for fear that someone I know may gain an advantage over me by having insight into my mind as any who read my ranting most definitely will.  Anyway, I'm a man in his early thirties who lives in Maine, not the Maine you see in post cards but the bloated, seedy underbelly of Maine. On the outskirts of Augusta, safely tucked away in my camper in the woods, but close enough to observe the utter decay in graphic detail. Augusta is the walking dead, all zombies made out of twenty years of painkiller and heroin addiction. Now I'm far from perfect, I used to drink extremely heavily,and I still smoke a gang of weed, but I choose to observe the squalor of my townspeople rather than partake in it. That's not to say there aren't plenty of positive things in life, I have a great estranged family who live nearby but seldom speak to me, and I've got a great adopted family too, so things are pretty good. I put roofs on houses for a living. It's shitty and grueling so I won't talk about it right now. The only thing that keeps me sane is the arts. Writing, making music, and starting this summer, video editing. Its my hope that the bizarre yet hopefully entertaining stories I write will somehow take over as my means of financial survival (my short stories, not my ranting blogs) I will post things here or somewhere I can link too, so anyone who wants too can read and see that it's not too terrible. I have to write because when I don't, the fantasies and scenarios playing through my head all day eventually make it hard to deal with reality. Having now written that, I realize I am probably quite mentally ill by some standards, but I feel good most of the time and my creativity doesn't seem to bother anyone, so fuck it. Anyway, after I sleep for a few hours I'm going to start indulging in some story telling. I've got an absurd amount of anecdotes and a thousand strange things I've been involved in through out my life, so much so that alot of you may very well call bullshit. Some of it may be bullshit, but only if to better illustrate the inner truth. So I invite you to periodically join me and enjoy a view of life that has, well, kept me entertained for thirty some odd years. I've lived the life of a working man, as well as a crook. I've been a hobo in the dead of winter and I've had a few great apartments, spent a summer on the beach. I've been single, I've been domesticated, been a womanizer and been celibate. I will post more than just stories of strangeness and debauchery, as occasionally I can be fairly philosophical. It's my goal to put up at least one meaty post a day, if possible. But I leave you all now, as I'm about to fix a bowl of hot cereal and a cup of coffee, in the grace and good fortune of the mighty universe that surrounds us. Have an interesting day!